My first issue in GSoC 2022

Hey! I have seen the 2022's idealist and I am interested in Blocks Editor Projects. I want help In understanding the codebase and which file is affected for this project, any mentors please reach me

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You can get work-flow and other stuff with

Getting Started

Example: How to Add a Component

Hi @abhi0 welcome in community,

Have you tried to install source code yet?

For the block editor projects mostly you can focus on blockly lib, and blockeditor dict.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask :blush:.

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@abhi0's focus is on block editor project thats why this can not be helpful to him.


Hey! I only knew javascript and reactjs, can you help in starting it and I am learning blockly right now ,daily, or tell should I go for this one or not

I cloned it but, failed in running it , as whenever I contribute to opensource related to javascript , the command I generally used are:

  1. git clone REPO_LINK;
  2. cd REPO_NAME;
  3. node file.js

but, in this case this is not running . i had tried using commands what documentation told me

Screenshot 2022-03-17 200056

JavaScript may help you but react is not required for this project.

Yes, sure. Have you faced any problem while installing source code in local environment?

I can't say that it's depends upon your project proposal and how much you are familiar with App Inventor source code.

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First you need to install required dependencies.

The LOG text is saying that vagrant is not installed in your system, so first install the vagrant.

Thankyou bhaiya for the help , i'll reach you whenever i get stuck at problem

What i meant is i don't anything about java SDK and android development so, with this point of view, should I got for it not

Sure I will try my best :slightly_smiling_face:.

See, Java and android is required for component related project but since you are interested in block editor projects then java and android are not that much required, That mean I am not saying that they are not required for contributing to App Inventor.

If you're planning to get involved significantly with App Inventor, I'd recommend setting up your native environment to do development rather than relying on Vagrant. Building using the Vagrant approach is slower because it's running everything in a virtual machine. You'll see much better build performance if you set everything up on your host machine and build that way.

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If you're planning to focus on block editor projects, it would probably be worth familiarizing yourself with the Google Blockly library. We're using an older version, but much of their documentation should still be relevant.


hey! I don't know how to setup App Inventor in my native environment . do you have any documentation regarding this that can help me in setting up the app inventor in my local environment.

Perhaps this may help you,

Please see the Setup Instructions (manual) section of the README. In particular, the slideshow by our former team member Jose can serve as a good step-by-step reference.

App Inventor uses their own fork of Blockly, so you don't have to use node/npm for this project =)

Also if you have any questions about Blockly feel free to reach out on our developer forums. Best of luck with your project!


thanks for all help and wishes

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I have seen all idea list of gsoc 2022 and technical skills required for Blocks Editor Projects are matched with my tech stacks. but, I am facing some problem in understanding the project. I need help in understanding what actually the project wants to fixed