My data from Firebase cannot be read

Why can't my application display display any data from Firebase? Please help me

Please show the structure of your data in the firebase console

and what do you have set as your default ProjectBucket in the AppInventor Designer?

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Sorry is this??

OK, from what you show, it looks like you are expecting your blocks to handle all the returns from your four buttons and to place these in your labels. It doesn't work like that. You will need to test for each tag when the data is returned, add the values to a list, when all tags have been returned with their values then you can apply your list to your labels.

Are you using the us-central server for your project ?

Also you need to set the projectBucket to the weather station you want to read (or to include it in the Tag names).

yes us-central server

I want to display the data in Firebase to my application but I am still confused about the display and blocks so I designed it not perfectly

Do I just need to display the data directly without using the realtime history average and history per minute buttons?

How do I enter the project bucket?

You have a bloc to set it.