My copy shortcut isn't working or I can't delete screens (don't want to delete screen 1)

Hello I can't delete any screen and I Don't want to delete screen 1 it disables deleting every screen and I can't copy or paste it isn't working please I want the fastest solution

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It might be addressing your concern

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You cannot delete Screen1.

I said I don't want to remove it

How can I duplicate a screen ?

As I know, it is not available to duplicate a screen, but in any case why do we need to have this as screens are logically separated units to work with. While being in a folder how can we make its copy into the parent directory, we have to go one level up but here main project is the parent of all screens. Might be there some external tools to do so, but sorry I am not aware of them. Thanks

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You cannot duplicate a screen though you can add one and then replicate the screen you are trying to "duplicate" and the code for it if there is any

Well can I copy components

Use Ctrl+C to copy a component and Ctrl+V to paste it


do NOT duplicate screens... this is considered bad programming practice...
separate logic and data and use only one screen together with some logic to display your data
see also tip 1 here


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I'm trying but it doesn't work
I might try it soon