My Gmail account is now on perma-delete (server errors)

In response to the weekend post by @jis that the code server's back end project storage is being migrated, I made a poor decision to cleanup user projects that I had posted there away from my personal projects.

(I figured I would be saving MIT some money, since I am a pack rat.)

My project list on that server is now in a permanently empty state, though I can import individual projects for inspection.

Don't bother trying to save anything there, it's all trash.

My eror message is:

Server error: could not retrieve project information. Please try again later

Hmm, no idea what you mean.

the @jis announcement.

No issue:

That's because you didn't do the dumb thing I did (running a big delete during a migration).

Nothing you can do should cause this kind of problem. I'm going to look into it. I have a bad feeling...

So it looks like 3 of your projects got lost. Not sure why. But I salvaged the rest of your account and you should be able to login normally now.