My Bluetooth App Can't send data from screen1 to screen2

Why My Bluetooth App Cannot Send Text Data from Screen 1 to screen 2 on my 2 mobile phones. Please help me, Thank you.

Salman Dev

Hello Salman

Although your description is simple, I do not understand what you are trying to do. Please post your Blocks.

This is My Block :

please help me

I had a similar problem the bluetooth component disconnected when I opened another screen, so I made a fake screen 2 by using the visable settings on screen one.

Hi Salman

All sorts of little things wrong in your code. Why do you have both a BT Client and Server? What device is your App communicating with?

How to make it like that

I have a Bluetooth client and server because I actually developed this Bluetooth Project from the Bluetooth Chat Project made by @Taifun

A link is always useful:

A simple Bluetooth Chat with App Inventor 2

My application does not use Arduino and my application is just like a Bluetooth chat that must use 2 devices to communicate

Thanks @TIMAI2 for the reply

As far as I know it is still true that you can have your BT device connected to only ONE screen. There are tricks, like reconnecting when you open Screen2, but if you use only one screen that will be much easier.

But I need two screens, for my Bluetooth application, how to do it @Ghica.
Thank you

Should I use one screen or what

Taifun only used one screen in his example....
The trick is to use virtual screens. You can do that by having vertical layouts that can be made visible or invisible.

In your opinion, do I have to use screen 2 or I use screen2 on screen1

  • Use screen 2

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  • Use screen 2 on screen1

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Thank you :+1: :smiley: :+1:

Three Power Users have already made suggestions about what you should do. I don't think we need a survey as well!!

I want to do a survey because I want to be more confident, which one I want to use