My Blocks Disappeared After Logging Out

Today when I was making a project, I suddenly logged out. Then when I signed in again, my project's blocks are gone. I only have the screens left, but the blocks are all gone.ALL GONEEEEE

Anyone know what happened???AND HOW CAN I GET MY BLOCKS BACK?!?
Thank you.

Did you log out manually, close the tab/window, or did the browser/app inventor site crash?

Yesss I did those already... Didn't work :frowning:

Try right clicking on a screen in the Blocks Editor and select Clean up Blocks

Oh, thank you.

I tried, didn't work :frowning:

You may need to upload your aia project for MIT to take a look, if they have time....

How? I am a beginer... IDK how to do that. Teach me please

Export your .aia file and upload it here.

But maybe it won't work... I need to hand in my project tmr.. It's Hw..

Of course, you have a backup aia project on your computer ?

NO, BUT Thank u so much

I'm [most possibly temporarily] changing this topic to a bug; maybe the MIT team might notice it and help you...

Oh... maybe.... hope they will.

First, however, we'll need more information:

Check your Screen1 attributes to make sure you have
Blocks Toolkit = All