My apps are gone from my account


I was working on my app when suddenly the webpage refused to work so I tried to reload the page but the server became unreachable. Finally I tried accessing the coding environment via the home page but now it treats my account as a brand new one and all of my apps are gone. Could someone help me with this?


You need to return to main server, the code server is a different environment/server.
Restart your browser and try again.

I'm afraid that didn't help.

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Have you logged in with your google account before? Now you need to login with the same google account. If you log in using another method, you won't get your project back.

Logged in with same account and its all gone. By the way this link doesnt seem to work anymore:

If you used a link whith "code" you have to wait for this server to work.

I use this link to work on my apps and the login page is different to the one TIMAI2 sent. I use this same gmail account to login though. Hopefully it will work once that server is back online.

@jis Jeff, the code.appinventor server (Amazon server) is down.

-- Steve

Looking into it... should be reachable again.


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Thanks! My apps are back now :slight_smile:

Make frequent backups to your disk. Then you will avoid the problem when the server shuts down.


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