My app works perfectly in Companion, but not as installed APK

I saved a list as CSV to documents folder, and then want to retrieve it. Works perfect on the Companion but not as installed APK. Here's a pic of my blocks, and an AIA.

SLS.aia (57.1 KB)

What kind of component is an MFile?

Android version?
It should work on Android 11+ without storage permissions, but on Android < 11 you must request WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission.

(Note: WRITE includes READ permission)

It's an extension

It's Android 13

Ok, try to rename grafik
to SavedMasterList_2.csv and do not test with Companion beforehand.

In other words, if you tested with Companion first, you cannot overwrite the file created via the APK, because Companion and APK are different apps. So you must delete the csv file via Companion before you test with the APK.

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does that mean to save it as that new file name and then try to restore it by changing all the blocks (as shown above)?

You need to change the file name (so 1 block).
Or you should run your app with Companion and delete the saved file from the Shared folder /Documents. Then it should work with the APK as well.

(Btw, my extension has a delete block.)

I deleted the saved csv, saved a couple of items in the list and saved. Then restored it. It worked perfectly. Didn't have to change any blocks.

Thank you for your advice. Problem solved.