My app with ble don't send data

I'm trying to make a app to connect with Bluetooth Low Energy to a esp32, but, when he should send a data to esp32 the app close. I'm using the extension BluetoothLE

Can you please post aia

led.aia (427.2 KB)

Are you sending data to an Arduino? What kind?(uno, mega, micro)

Try this code:

In your block BluetoothLE2.Connected, delete StartScanning.

Change UUID char with

Here more examples:

I'm sending to an Esp32

The StartScanning should be a StopScanning. I has change it, the UUIDs and use your exemples but the app yet is closing when I try to send some data to the ESP32

Try this example: 2.- App send text to ESP32. Show on the Serial Monitor.

It is work. I was using a rxuuid and a tx uuid, but a just need one. But now he just send the first value and dont send nothing more.

He is working. The final code is here.

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