My app keeps crashing, even in AI Companion mode. Can anyone please help?

My app keeps crashing every time I open it, whether after building it or even in companion mode. I've tried rebuilding it many times, but unfortunately it doesn't help...

Check if your Firebase Properties are correct:


Okay, will check

Do I need to change the firebase token?

Hmm, what do you mean by that? How should I know that? Just enter the correct one.

I've copied the URL from the firebase, but the token I've left as the default one:

Sorry for being a bit ignorant, I'm still a novice in this

See in you project settings (-> Web API Key):

Ok thank you, will check

It's showing this
How do I create one?

Post a full screenshot of this:


A Token is not necessary.....

I don't understand why it crashes then

Looking at your blocks

When your app opens you call the taglist from firebase.

This returns an AI2 list to your app (value)

You then try a contains text block on the entire list, and if this is true, set a tag called Speech to an empty list.

Is this what you intended ?

Try taking out the call taglist from Screen1.Initialise, this should at least stop your app from crashing on start up.

You may then want to look at your when TagList event contents, and modify.

Thank you

But yes, that was my intention. Will check anyways

It still seems to be crashing :frowning_face:

Can you provide us some more information like the Device, Android version etc?

If possible try to capture the crash logcat using the ADB and post it here

Will try ADB

I have a Samsung Galaxy M40 with Android Version 11