My app is not working but instead freeze at 50

I have literally try everything my app keep freezing at 50 and will not connect what do I do. It was working yesterday

do you mean ai companion stuck at 50% when connection or stuck when compiling to apk?

Yes and it will not connect to my phone

AI stop at 50% and freeze

easy question but very complicated answers.
Are your phone and computer in same wifi? ip address starts with same? like 192.168.....

yes it is

And honestly it was working find yesterday, is the system down

I meant to say it was working good yesterday

pls try to put your posts together , not one word in one post pls.

ok will do

iOS or Android?

ios phone and windows computer

Everything is working fine from our end. The major things that would be helpful to know would be:

  • Which browser are you using?
  • Which mobile platform and operating system version are you using?
  • Which version of the companion app are you using?

I try chome and internet explorer, mobile platform iphone , and windows for the laptop, it was working great yesterday

I got it to work on chrome

Same here, e.g.:

  • iPhone 6s (iOS 15.7)
  • Win7 Prof
  • Firefox / Chrome (current versions)
  • Companion 2.60 (build 8).

Post the details as well.