My app is not installing

I have an app that I refined not too long ago and now its not installing either on my Bluestacks or on my phone, I waited for at lest 10 minutes to install and still nothing. I checked if I had any major errors in my app that might do it, but none so far. Is something wrong with my app or the MIT itself?
TrackpawsMAIN.aia (1.9 MB)

I don't see any problems with your app. It installs on both my phone and BlueStacks.

Then something wrong with my end, Is there any advice I can get?

This could be an issue with your Internet provider or router resulting in poor connection speed. Check your connection speed perhaps use

Have you compiled the apps? Then you downloaded to your phone and ran the installations? Stuck at the installation stage?

I see your app uses font extensions.

There have been issues with fonts not getting access to certain Android folders recently.

Re-installing apps with extensions can run up against problems cleaning out old extensions.