My app is getting resized in mobile

I am a student and I was making an app but here is the problem-


The first image shows how it looks in the companion and the second image shows how I actually made it in pc this is happening with all the screens can someone please tell why is this happening and please tell me how to fix it.

Please have a look at

Responsive Design in App Inventor

thx but what about the buttons

Take a look at my website. The 'trick' is a combination of % positioning and where necessary accommodating pixel sizing.

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Ok this is fixed but what about the buttons they are getting placed in the wrong way in mobile

Please post your aia here to check it

Please read my Tips!

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Here is the aia file-

df_Screen_checkpoint1_Screen_checkpoint1_Screen_checkpoint1.aia (1.3 MB)

I check your aia, Screen1 was set to scrollable and you were using table arrangements that messed look. I modified it using vertical and horizontal arrangements instead of tables in Screen1, check and see how it looks in your phone

df_Screen_checkpoint1_Screen_checkpoint1_Screen_checkpoint1.aia (1.3 MB)

The image of your mouse has a lot of transparant space on the left and right. You should remove that and just center the image.

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