My app inventor app isn't working

I had successfully built a new social media app called whatchat, but when I tried to launch it on my android device, it doesn't work for no clear reason.

blocks screen 2

Here are the project blocks
and that what is happening with me:

follow the link to see the video
I may have made some mistakes please let me know if I did

  1. I can not play the video and don't know what is the error.
  2. I see you only have one tag AllPosts, when dataChanged, no need to request getValue again.
  3. Any error in aicompanion?

First, thank you for trying to help me.
To be honest with you, this is my friend device because I don't have an android phone, but I have tested the app in 3 different devices and it showed the same error.
Here is the video:MIT AI
I can't use the ai companion because, you know, I don't have any android device.
Well, your second point is good, but what do I have to change? Because honestly I learned how to build a social media app on youtube.
Thank you for your advice, hopefully you'll be able to previewthe video right now.

Sorry I still can not see the video.

You can install some Android emulator on your pc/iOS, and in the emulator install aicompanion.

Well, I tried, but my PC BIOS is legacy, which means that I can't turn virtualization on, so I can't use the emulator.

Ok I'll try to upload the video on YouTube, then I'll send the link for you

Just make a capture of the error from the video will be ok.

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What do you think the problem is?

How to switch screens correctly


Where are the blocks for the Screen2 Initialize since you are opening that screen from Screen1 on lauch

These are the blocks
blocks screen 2
the screen 2:

Before switching screens stop all clocks and switch correctly as already said


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You are using firebase. You are probably using your own firebase database. Where is your firebase server located? The built-in component only works with US servers. If you created a firebase service with a server in Europe, this will not work.


Oh My server located in Europe.
That is a good point thanks.

Hello sir.
I would like to thank you a lot for solving my problem.
The app finally worked and I'm so happy right now.
Your solution was perfect.
Again thank you :heart:

Also, I would like to thank you all for trying to help me, you're the best.

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