My App has Bluetooth Problems

sorry for my English . I take my best. I have make a APP for a Cocktailmachine. on the Basesite is Bluetooth connected. When i Change the Site , Bluetooth disconnected . I dont know why. Please can you help me a littele? When type back , better in German ,

Thank you very much ,


Here is the File
LarsCocktailmakerneu.aia (1.5 MB)

I am sorry to disappoint you, but your decision to make one Screen per drink dooms your app.
BlueTooth disconnects when you switch Screens.

Go back and redesign your app so it loads the recipes and image file names from a file at startup, and use a List Picker to choose the drink, then do table lookup to get and display the recipe and image(s).

You should be able to do this in one screen.

Sample app:

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Thank you very much ,

I will make a new one and test it then.
I wasnt knowing , that more then 2 screens , kill the bluetooth.

Greets Referent

more than 1 screen !

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