My app doesn't run the codes

My app won't run some codes and I dont know why.
It always happens when there's so many blocks in the blocks section. I guess that's why.
Do anyone have a solution for this? thanks

These are just a few of my codes.

How many Blocks are in your Project?
How large in the Project (MMB)?
Which code Blocks fail. Global A, B, C perhaps are OK but D is not? Look for coding errors. In the Blocks that fail.

Use DoIt and other debugging techniques . Live Development, Testing and Debugging

I suspect that only you are going to be able to find the issue. :cry:

Those empty sockets aren't helping you.

In this screen there's 1109 blocks, dont know about the whole project
I dont know how large it is, I have issues with build (apk) too.
The problem is that variables won't change at all. as you see theres a set global A to.... but the code isn't working. And what do you mean D isn't OK?

You mean the variables empty sockets?

That is just an example. Make a listing of all the Blocks associated with a variable that FAIL, whether it is A or D or P or what, then look for coding errors.

I just wanna know why it's not working? and fix it.
It happens in my other projects too; when there's too many blocks in a screen, it wont run some codes, sometimes the app even crashes.

Simple apps don't require many blocks. What does your app do to need so many variables and procedures?

It does not work because there are certainly logic and programming errors that will be hard to detect in such a number of blocks. Mostly only the programmer knows what the code is about as long as he made good code comments :slight_smile:

It's a game actually.
yeah :sweat_smile: Im going to do that when i start a new project, thanks.


Maybe the code to change the variables is in a procedure that is never called?

Or that code is just sitting there outside of any event block?

Use the Companion to test, and employ the Do It right click option in the Blocks Editor to see what is in your variables, and how they change when you run the blocks that should change them.

Do It until your blocks look like a pin cushion.