My app does not work if i add firebase!

my app does not work if i add firebase
what is the problem ?

Which server did you choose?

Only the US central server works with the Firebase component.

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i do that but i do not know what is the problem

Which error do you have? what block are not working?

(Canned Reply: ABG- Export & Upload .aia)
Export your .aia file and upload it here.




i solve problem it because there are (') in the start of value in project pucket
i delete it and my app it is working now

Hello, is it possible to implement such a structure in firebase?

Yes it is:


If your bucket is 'products', you can address twigs of the key tree using '/' between steps:
tag='bread/loaf/cena', value = 3 to change the product catalog by restarting the screen while in it, the second screen starts normally from the first and when in the second it is necessary to change the catalog, it does not change. how to make it change.