My app crashes when camera component or camcorder component starts

Hello, my app crashes or goes back to screen 1 when camera component or camcorder component starts. This is my code

Hope you guys can help me

Thanks in advance

Why did you introduce length block, it is to check length of string literal. Just use 1 and 14 digits only.

What is in the start value?

ok ill do

2 phone numbers joined together

Okay, but you could have used list instead of sting, you could separate them just by using indexing.

will do

but how do i fix my app crashing, it crashes when i take a picture or take a video

Are using Sound Pressure Level Extension, you should read extensions guide for assistance, maybe you are missing something.


can you give the link to it

How did you get this extension? May be from that source you can get guide as well.

Google Search

got it from here:MIT App Inventor Extensions

@RamNaresh what will happen if i use the camera or camcorder component in another screen without sound pressure level?

But it is the list of unsupported extension as I can see,

thats why im asking

Please have a look at component detail,

no i assumed the extension is the problem and so i asked

it is the sound pressure extension it makes the camcorder and camera crash the app

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