My app cant run on phone because of Firebase URL

Hi there,

I'm newbie on making app. I am making a "Auto Pet Feeder" project on Arduino. All is done. I need an app for remote control by using Firebase real time database. I made a app, UI is nice and blocks are working. I tested on AI Companion and it worked very well. I can read and write to database without any problem. I thought "its ready" then built apk. I downloaded with QR and installed. But when I push the app icon, app shows up but radiply closing. I cant get inside of app. I tried to fix but anything was useful.

At least I figured out where the problem came from. When everthing is same and Firebase URL is clicked "default" then app work on phone. When everthing is same but Firebase URL is my own database URL then this problem appear.

I did some research and found something about "permissions". I added some blocks but I couldnt handle. Everthing seems correct to me. But I said Im newbie.

Every comments will be helpful. Thanks in advance.

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Finally, I solved this funny problem. You can use ONLY "Central" Firebase location in MIT. My Realtime DB was on EU West. I changed that and app started to work perfectly. Simple but torturing mistake.

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