My .aia does not build anymore

Trying to compile my aia AI2 says it is not able to build it and that this is not related to errors on the aia.
I attached the error pop-up window. In the mean time I am trying to compile older versions of the aia to understand what is the last I can build.

Post the aia.

AudioGuideLVASR0S9TDB_20230720_2343.aia (1.4 MB)
Please change the name of the aia to AudioGuideLVASR0S9TDB.aia

The aia ending with 1900 is the most recent aia that builds and the aia ending with 0308 is the first does not build, so something in 0308 break the build and after then no backup-release builds.
AudioGuideLVASR0S9TDB_20230719_1900.aia (1.4 MB)
AudioGuideLVASR0S9TDB_20230720_0308.aia (1.4 MB)

Seems that the problem is caused by KIO4_LoctionSensor, if I remove it from my screen the aia builds without errors. It is strange because I am using KIO4_LocationSensor in other 4 apps, also KIO4_LocationSensor and LocationSensor working together. It is not a good news because the accuracy obtained using KIO4 is higher..

How many blocks does your project have? You may already be reaching your limits. By removing the extension, you also removed some blocks so the app is building. Try compiling on the "code" server.

I tryed also using AI2 Offline that has higher limits but the problem is the same. Actually there are 3668 blocks and I have to add some more. I am using 16 extensions, before counting the KIO4_LocationSensor 17.

When I load your .aia I get:

This project was saved with a newer version of the App Inventor system. We will attempt to load the project, but there may be compatibility issues.

What happens if you delete the GoogleTranslate extension?

Try to compile this simple app. It contains only 2 extensions (GoogleTranslate & KIO4_LocationSensor, no blocks). Compilation fails. However, if one of the two extensions is removed, it works.
extNotWorkingTogether.aia (20.1 KB)


@Juan_Antonio @preetvadaliya

Both extensions were probably compiled with Proguard rules, and contain renamed classes a.class and b.class. It won't work... One of the extensions would have to include another package for those classes. Strange that these classes are in the main folder. The folder for repackaged classes should be unique.

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Yes, you are right. Yesterday I removed a lot of extensions not needed anymore, also google translate and I did not understod which caused the problem but the app built using also KIO4_LocationSensor. You found the problem they do not like to work together.

Yes, this because I build always every app using AI2 and also AI2Offline so they do not like the release numbering eachother but I work in this way and until now every app has to buld on both. It is only an annoying message, in general AI2 Offline is always in delay to update new AI2 releases.

Without GoogleTranslate extension my aia builds again.