My AI is not responding, can someone fix it?

My AI is not responding at all with "Error 4200: insufficient_quota" even when I give it my own API Key. Has anyone had this problem? If you have fixed the issue, can you give me the solution?

it means that you are out of the amount of uses for your openai key. It either expired, or you ran out of your quota

We probably need a FAQ OpenAI Chatbot for questions like this.

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Have at it.

ChatGPT didn't ask for any money, so why do I need to pay? Does it mean that MIT doesn't work with free ChatGPT? Is it because I'm using ChatGPT 3.5 instead of 4? I'm confused.


MIT provides a certain amount of subsidy for the Chat component activity. The amount is shared among ALL App Inventor users. When that amount is used up (sometime in mid month) you have to have your own account with ChatGPT to use their services or wait until MIT resets the subsidy at the beginning of the following month.

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