My accelerometer won't move the truck when it switches trucks

Maze.aia (1.2 MB)

Here are the .aia file and image of the blocks. I need help with fixing it to where the truck will move.
The one that won't move is the Race_Truck

I don't understand what you mean by switching trucks.

Ae they supposed to take turns running your race course?

It's a maze, but the thing is the first truck is supposed to hit that stump and it's supposed to be crashed, so then it's supposed to switch trucks to finish the maze.

Here is where you tell the accelerator to change trucks.

You may need an if then else construction rather than two if..then conditional statements.

If this is not the case look in your code for where you enable/disable the TRUCK and Race_Truck.

Also, show us where the code to hit the stump is coded and where you set the Truck.Enabled to true.

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Thanks so much, I must have overlooked that, It works now.

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it makes me feel stupid but that you for all your guys' help.

the one thing that was wrong for verification was the fact that it said "set Race_Truck X and Y to get the original truck's X - xAccel and Y+ Accel.

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