Mute the TextToSpeech component

Hello: The results of the operations that appear on the screen are spoken at the same time by the TextToSpeech component. But I would like to disable it from a button, in case it gets annoying.
It is curious how TesToSpeech does not have the property to enable/disable it. Greetings

You can make it speak an empty text block to stop it.


Thank you Gordon_Lu. What you say to me stops the process in the present locution. What I intend is that it stops for the duration of the session, that is, in the following speeches, until the program is closed.

Hello @Miguel_Angel_Alvarez,
maybe you can use an extension made by @Taifun called TaifunSettings with which you can arrange the volume of your phone (also put it to 0).
Maybe it's not what you need, but it could be useful.
Cheers, Ugo.

Thank you uskiara. I will test the extension by restoring the volume when closing the application.

Remember to restore the volume also after the user closes the app by pressing for example the Home button...

The tools extension offers the event ActivityStateChanged you could use

if state = stop
then restore the volume
else if state = resume
then set volume to 0




Put Gordon's Blocks in a Button event handler. This stops the existing TTS from 'speaking', it does not pause it.

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