Music reproduction rights. Adding a background music file to my app

Hello, I wanted to ask about background music in an application. I have developed an application and to make it cooler I would like to add some background music to it. Some song of David Guetta or someone else. What I don't know if I should ask here, or in a google play store forum, is if I am going to have problems with the reproduction rights of that song. I would not put the whole song, just about 30 seconds, and that it be repeated, but I don´t want my account to be banned for adding a song of which I do not have reproduction rights. Has anyone here had experience adding a background music file to an application? If somewhere in the application I mention who owns the music file, would it be redeemed for having committed any infringement? If this is not the right place to ask this question, does anyone know of a play store console forum to ask about it?
Thank you very much.

Maybe insert a melody line instead of a typical song with words. It will be more suitable for the background.

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This forum is not the place to ask for legal advice Patricio. Perhaps read the legal advice here?

It is best to seek legal advice. Unless music is in the public domain, seek permission of the copyright holder to avoid conflicts.

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Thanks to both of you for your answers, I think I'm going to lower my expectations a bit and I'm going to look for some freely available musical theme..! Thanks again..!