Music Note Input

Hi all,
I want to create an application that allows the user to import the music sheet and play it.
for example input this:

and play it

Do you have any suggestion?

Hello Rouhi

Need to know the format of the music sheet file!

Hi ChrisWard,
I need to upload a PDF OR JPG file contain music notes, like this
1.pdf (26.8 KB)

What information do you need?

Hi again

I don't think either of those can be used, the code cannot interpret an image.

What was discussed here.........

.......... is the way to go.

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  • The app must first read the musical score Optical music recognition - Wikipedia
  • The app must then use the OMR results to create a file of the original notes as a List or perhaps a csv.
  • The app must use the List of notes to trigger either
  1. a MIDI device to play the score, perhaps using an electronic keyboard
  2. use a series of sound files to play the notes
  3. a tone generator to 'sound' the notes using your app. A simple example showing how to use sound files is Xylophone . It shows how this might work in a very simplistic way
  • There may be other ways.

The information above will get you started with your Project. On reading, it shows how difficult it will be to do what you hope to do, even with a professional compiler.

Good luck.


Than kyou ChrisWard

Thank you SteveJG

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