Music doesn't pause, it stops (and starts over ?)

I set tree buttons for playing, pausing and reseting the music. But when i click the pause button, the music starts playing from the beginning. Why is this happening? I want it to continue the song from the moment i paused it but idk how. Any advise?

Thanks :blush:

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Welcome Wendy.

A guess is your MusicaSi block. When you set the source, it restarts from beginning.

If you remove that block, it will probably continue where pause left off.

Place your source block in Screen1.Initialize instead of in MusicaSi and the blocks probably will work. Do they?

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Thank you so much! it worked. I knew it was a simple mistake but i didn't knew what it was.

Thankss :slight_smile:

Of course, it is not a mistake to define the Player.Source in the Button.Click event.

If there are several sounds that should be played via buttons, then the respective player source must be defined in the Button.Click event. However, if the source is redefined with each click, the player is released (and the previously paused sound is also reset to the beginning). So you should do it like this:

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