Multiplying in appinventor

So I'm trying to multiply the score with "pontboost" and "pont" variables.

The normal score(pont) is when the ball touches the line, it adds 1 value to the variable (variable + 1)
Btw I'm making a pong game and I want to let people customize the game so they can write a given value to a given textbox to change the score value. The given value is multipllying the normal score.

I don't know how to do it that the pontboost value should stay the same as the user given and the pont variable adds up by 1 every time that the ball touches the line.

The attached image is a wrong code!
Can anyone send me a right code?

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What does mutasspont do?

From what you said, it seems the pontboost value changes unexpectedly. But you haven't shown any code where the pontboost value changes.

Pls show the full code for us to help.

Something like this?


Deleted by Chris Ward

That's the exact point of confusion.

See post #3

...I'm not sure your pontboost should multiply anything - shouldn't it just be a boost value that is added to the points total instead?


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