Multiple UI issues with ios companion app. Is there a guide?


I using App Inventor to teach the MobileCSP curriculum, and looking toward an uncertain school year. As most of my students have iPhones, I was hoping the beta companion app would meet their needs if we have an extended period of remote learning.

In testing the apps we develop over the year I found that the beta companion app (from Testflight) had several issues that would render the app unusable (or at the very least extremely inconvenient). The most functional example I have is a Caesar Cipher app. Here's the correct function under Android:

The IOS version has a number of UI issues (iPhone 8, iOS 13.6): (sorry for the incessant autofocus)

Now prolonged use of a particular app does seem to iron out the UI issues over time, but almost every project in my lesson plan has issues on the IOS app (some are show-stoppers).

My questions are

  1. Is there a "design guide" for avoiding some of these issues? What about a recommended course of action?
  2. Are these all known issues?
  3. Are they "on your radar" for being addressed.

I'm anticipating that we'll go virtual fairly quickly in the course of a school year, and I want to make sure I have my students' needs covered.

Thanks so much
-Troy K

Edited: Linked to improved demo for ios companion

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Hi Troy,

If you can send us the AIA files for the projects, we can add them into our testing so we can improve the layout compatibility.


First, I fixed the video showing the ios companion (it was late and I didn't realize it was mirrored).

Secondly, I put together a zip file with some of my problem apps. Download here. Enclosed is a text file outlining some issues.

Thanks for your help!
-Troy K