Multiple Screens in a complex app

I am trying to create a Loyalty App. It has a lot of functions and I am having trouble sending data to multiple screeens and I am thinking on using a one screen only.

-Login/Sign up/Log out
-3 users (Stores,Customer ,Admin)
-Customer can generate code, View different stores wit h different given points, Claim Reward,Manage account
-Store can Create Reward,Give Points and manage account

Can this be done in a one screen only??

Hi Ruthyn.

You can use Vertical arrangements to fit the components of different screens into one screen. Hide and reveal them at different parts of the app.emphasized text

However, it is recommended to not have too much of anything. If you think you have too much components, create a new screen instead. If you have too many screens, use arrangements instead.

This is called virtual screens - they are not real screens, but attract looked they are.

i have tried creating one. 5 layouts and it crashed the app

It depends on how many components there are in the layouts. Too many components is not good.

are there any finished app that i can use as references? that with logins?

You can try searching virtual screens and tips for building apps and monster lists in the forum.

You have to consider the user idToken when changing into different screens, it serves as your Sessions to your database.

TIMAI2 works might help you to connect your back-ends while swimming through different screens.

This is probably a better guide.....

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