Multiple Runtime Errors in app

I created an app using three screens. In my second screen I have a list picker where each player added is able to select their position. The selected position is then saved onto TinyDB to allow the information to be accessed on the third page.

Screen 2

I goal for the code in my third screen was to rearrange the players based on the positions chronologically. This way after each players turn they click the button "Finish_Turn' which then will rotate to the next player in the list.

Screen 3

cod e3

I have two reoccurring errors that keep popping up. The first shows up when screen 3 is initialized.

error 1 of 2

While the second pops up once the "Finish_Turn" button is clicked.

Is this in the companion app or a packaged app? If the latter, the build server was just updated earlier today to fix some situations where you would get the wrong number of arguments error.

Post the aia.

The second error is quite easy to narrow down, seeing as there is only on select list item block in the Click event. It looks like none of the if statements in the Screen3.Initialize event are firing, which is causing your empty list to stay empty.

As for the first error, however, you might have an empty socket somewhere in the event.

Also, the if statements in the Screen3.Initialize event can be simplified. And though you're only repeating it for 10 objects, it may be better to make the code simpler. This won't fix your error, however (it achieves the exact same thing as your code).

(you can drag these blocks directly into the blocks edtor)

UnoApp (2).aia (444.1 KB)

This was using the companion. I have an iphone so I haven't been able to download the app, but someone else has been letting me use their android. I'll take a look to see if the update fixed the error. Thank you