Multiple Pile Up - Blocks Editor

In Chromium/Linux

Never had this one before, but in the last few days, on 3-4 occasions, i have had a block pile up catastrophe hit my blocks editor. A click on a block or the background invokes the pasting of all the blocks on screen on top of the existing blocks. Another click does the same. on one occasion I saw that a click was pasting blocks from different projects in my project list as well!

Fortunately for me, my block counts have been low, and eventually, once I regained control (restart) I was able to delete the wrong blocks then carry on. (Yes I have regular backups too.)

Doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to it, just happens…

I am running with two chromium profiles open for two different google accounts, but only one instance of AI2 running.

Odds are the blocks are coming from the backpack–at least it would explain the blocks coming from different projects. There seems to be an issue with the context menu triggering and because the Google Closure Library handles the event on mouse up, poor placement of the menu inadvertently triggers the action under the mouse (such as paste from the backpack). We’ll look into it.

No, not from backpack, it was empty (for a change).

I have also, on a couple of occasions, been taken to the AI2 help pages (corresponding with the clicked block) when I click on a block in the blocks editor! Weird!

That still makes me think that it’s something to do with the context menu, that somehow the browser is confused and thinking you’re activating the menu when you don’t intend to, and then it triggers on the help option if that happens to fall under the mouse at the point where the menu is shown. We know that that particular behavior is an open issue, and I expect if we solve it these experiences you’re seeing will likely be resolved as well.

Did it again - pasted blocks (has tried a couple of times previously (I see the screen blinking) but then backed off for some reason!)
This time definitely Backpack blocks