Multiple Notifiers to a single one is it possable?


So after my resent lose of code I have decided to attempt to recreate it and start from my last .aia download.

So question I am currently using 8 Notifiers that will be called depending on the picked item on a picker max 8.

I have it so if you select index 1 it will search for that Name on 8 different labels once it finds that name it will remove the name from the label and remove the Name from the picker.

P = Player
These are just 2 but all 8 are the same except the P1, P2, P3, P4, P5, P6, P7, and P8

Is there a way to use 1 Notifier?
I was thinking of creating a list for each label P1_Name P1_Number, P1_LvL but got stuck trying to figure out how add the other labels to be modified.

Let me know if uploaded the .aia will make it easier.
Thanks in advance

Yes, you can just use one notifier, you will need conditional statements (if/else...) and maybe set a variable in order to handle responses

So something like this?

I just can not figure out how to change P1, P2 ex. according to the name selected

Thank you

no... do not use a loop... it always is one player which will be removed...
this could be your AfterChoosing event, just replace P1_Name.Text by Remove_Player_Picker.Selection

this could be your AfterPickking event, again just replace P1_Name.Text by Remove_Player_Picker.Selection



This will not work

How will this way know what label to remove the name from?

You can see there are 6 different labels with different names. So by removing all the Else If it would not know what label.text has the name selected.

Or and I not understanding it?

This is what the screen looks like

As you go adding players it will add then to the next available Player.
So when you remove a player from picket it needs to find the players name and also remove it.

thank you

Here is a list based sample for you to study, using List Pickers.

It's not as pretty as your GUI, but the underlying data management is solid.

You could fit the stored data to your display items by matching display items to stored items, by index, taking care to avoid falling off either end of the matched lists.

which means your original question "Multiple notifiers to a single one" now converts into something more complex "how to program a dynamic app"...

my suggestion above only helps to solve the original question...

as a start you could look into using the advanced blocks...

some examples to study:

Someone else might want to offer more specific advice...

Thank you for your reply @Taifun

That is why on this post I had changed it to the single notifier.
I just can not figure out how to change P1, P2 ex. according to the name selected.

I was just hoping I did not have to do all the else if. This is working fine.

Just getting close to the max if Blocks I can use fer screen LOL

Thank you @ABG

I have looked at this code but ran across the issue of not being able to save and separate the Name, Players Number and Players Skill Level.

Thank you

To switch your blocks to Generic blocks and reduce your block count without changing your GUI, study


PLAYERS: list(ABG,...) (list of Player Names)

I will gave that a try on my next attempt to reduce my blocks.

Currently working on a different issue LOL.

APA_8_Ball.aia (848.4 KB)

here is the app if anyone is interested and looking around

Thank you