Multiple lines in Text box

Are we able to create multiple lines in a text box as opposed to creating a text box for each line of text to be displayed?

yes you can, just set the property Multiline of the textbox to true
to get a new line you can use \n


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When typing in the text box how do you see the new new line? My screen just shows the continuation of the text I am typing with no line break present.

while typing you press the enter button on the keyboard
note; property Multiline must be checked for this


When I press enter it leaves the text box.

Multiline must be checked Like this :


Try this: textboxNewLine.aia (2.7 KB)



Im having trouble with this too. The text box has multiline checked off but when I try to paste the paragraph into the text box it goes off of the screen like this.

Screenshot 2021-01-15 154734

The view in the designer does not reflect the view on the phone 100%. Once you make the apk file or use the companion for testing, you'll be fine.

Switch on the HTML Format of the label and use <br> instead of /n

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try to turn off the read only checkbox

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