Multiple Images Save - Help

Hi All,

I am seeking some guidance on the below blocks if possible that I would like to edit as my requirements are slightly different. In the current set up, all works very well and no issues.
Basically, when I take a picture the barcode value field is used as the image file name and the image is added to the canvas - all good.

What I am looking to edit is to be able to take 2 images rather just one per barcode value, I have set up a second canvas to display the second image but I am seeking some guidance on how to alter these blocks in order that if canvas 1 has an image then display the second image in the second canvas area. I could have two "Take Picture Buttons" Image 1 & Image 2 but that would be clunky - but a backup plan too :slight_smile: .

I must declare that these blocks were kindly assembled by one of the forum Super User and I about understand what is going on here.

Any guidance would be welcomed and I am equally interested in how this all comes together.

Many Thanks GC1

Image 1

  1. Will the user always take two pictures, or sometimes just one ?
  2. Will the sequential naming of your two images (barcode-1.jpg, barcode-2.jpg) work with your upload / download procedure later on ?

A very simple approach....

blocks (12)

More coding required to prevent the user taking picture 1/2 again, and of course to handle sizing and rotating, and moving of image - take care here because things are changing with Android 10 & 11 with regard to default file saving locations and paths

Thanks @TIMAI2, I will replicate this and see how I get along. A user may take one or two pictures. Not sure if this will affect the upload procedure with the file naming just yet.

Thanks again :slight_smile: