Multiple DBs across several apps

I typically have two or three apps on the go. Most of the time using tinyDB. The problem is that all my apps seem to share the data despite renaming the DB in-app. E.G, my shopping list app calls in a list of dates, or my GPS app calls in lists of grocery items...
Do i need to clear the DBs prior to working on an app? And does this happen also after compilation and installation? To clarify, I use lists of lists for a lot and rely on the Get Tags option rather than two or three deep lists. Multi-dimensional arrays are tricky in App Inventor
Thanks folks

No, this only occurs when using the companion.

An app, no, but when working on a different app via the companion, yes.

"You cannot use the TinyDB to pass data between two different apps on the phone, although you can use the TinyDB to share data between the different screens of a multi-screen app.

When you are developing apps using the AI Companion, all the apps using that Companion will share the same TinyDB . That sharing will disappear once the apps are packaged and installed on the phone. During development you should be careful to clear the Companion app’s data each time you start working on a new app."

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Using different TinyDB Namespaces for different apps should keep the data separate, even in the Companion.

i looked at .Namespace. I tried it but still mixed data showed up. How should that work?

Please export your project and post it here.