Multiple countdown timer problems

I'm trying to do a countdown app with multiple countdowns. I want it so that the user will enter 5 timers in seconds, for example

  1. 20 (seconds)
  2. 33
  3. 47
  4. 93
  5. 204

The problem, however, is that with the countdown system that I have, every time the clock ticks and the countdown has reached zero, it sets it to zero to prevent it from going into the negatives, but this means that the 2nd timer never begins... Any ideas?

Try these blocks

multicountdown.aia (3.8 KB)

That works brilliantly! Thank you! I'm just struggling now with how to incorporate that with TinyDB to get the users inputs from the other screen. This is what I've tried but it seems to cause the error seen in the screenshot below and there is no countdown number there at all.

You need to set the value of inputs in the button - after the textboxes have been completed

I have done this all on the same screen, but the logic is the same:

Thank you, you're a genius!

I've tried what you suggested, and that works brilliantly! Except I am now getting a bizarre error message. Any ideas?


work through your project in the companion to identify where you have an empty list
post your aia project here and someone can take a look at it

Thanks for your help, man. I'm trying to create a Jumpscare Alert app where you enter the timestamp of the jumpscares, and then it will count down to the jumpscare to warn you. Here is the .aia file. I'm having a couple of issues with errors popping up that I don't understand. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Anti_Jumpscare 3009.aia (243.8 KB)

Having trouble figuring out your logic......

What is the Calculate button for (hours/minutes/seconds) ? and where does the output go?

How do you access the data from a pre-selected film ?

I have a bit of time....will work up a single screen approach

Yes! Sorry, should have explained. So the whole hours minutes seconds section with the calculate button is just to convert the timestamp into seconds (thought it would be easier than trying to read hours minutes as well) but I was planning to move this calculation behind the scenes at some point. Let me know if you have any other questions at all!

OK I believe I have it working, there were many issues, the final one being the length of the sound file ( I have shortened it to 0.4 of a second instead of 6 seconds). I have not been able to get the first digit of a countdown to show the correct colour....but this might be OK if most of your jump points are longer than 10 seconds....

You will see some changes because I have moved the entire app onto one screen, using virtual screens in the form or vertical arrangements. No need for a tinydb any more! I have laid out the blocks vertically, by "screen" so you can figure out where you are and what is going on.

Anti_Jumpscare_3009_revised.aia (116.7 KB)

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