Multiple copies of loaded images in gallery

I am working on an app that heed to load and display some images located in a web server.
I use the Web component with SaveResponse to true.
All works fine, but at any access to an image an additional copy is saved in phone Gallery.
There is a way to prevent this or clean these images from gallery for the app after usage?

One naive approach would be:

  • Look at the filename of the images saved in the gallery and find a pattern in the names.

  • Use the file component to delete the files :arrow_down_small:

    :arrow_up_small: Here, the list of filenames need not to be manually made. It can be made programmatically.

Note: This will add dangerous permission to your app.

Beware of the close application block. If you use multiple screens, then you may want back press to navigate you to previous screen. In that case add an EXIT button and use :arrow_down_small:

Hope this helps... :blush:

Do you actually need to download and save the images to file? Why no just link to the url in your image component - or whatever you use?

you might want to download the images to the ASD -Application Specific Directory, so they will not be displayed in the gallery


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Txs to all. I'll try...