Multiple Choice ListView Quiz App Search Keyword Button

Hello, I am trying to implement a search button that when you type in a keyword that a question's text possesses then it brings the user to the question. Can someone please give me feedback on my code?

This is the result that shows whenever I type in a keyword.

You are always searching for the word "Search".

Compare to the Textbox.Text, not the button.Text

P.S. Mothra?

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Thank you so much for the help, the search button works now. Although, sorry for mentioning this, I am trying to figure out how to construct a label that displays "No results found..." if a word when searched is not displayed in the quiz. On my app, if you type in a word that is in the quiz then it works fine and does not set the label visible to true, but if you type in a word that does not show in the quiz then the label appears and stays there, even after searching for a word that is in the quiz. The label does not disappear afterwards. I was thinking of using a clock/timer instead, maybe. I could set the label to showing for 3-5 seconds.

Thank you for the Mothra comment by the way, I have implemented Mothra as a choice answer in my app (:

Regarding your Search button, I see two copies of the search logic,

  • a loop in the Button.Click event, and
  • another loop in the search procedure.

This is too confusing for me.
I hope you can simplify that.

(If In Doubt,
Rip It Out)

Regarding your Label with search result failure, I like Notifiers for pop up messages like that. Look for the one with a single OK button, to give the user a chance to read and dismiss the message.

If you want to keep the Label, clear it at the start of the Search activity and when switching questions.

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Thank you for the help!