Multiplayer game

i am making minigames and i want it to be multiplayer how i do it? and how to make button when pressed open random screen?

store all the screen names in a list, and then select a random item from that list.

also, use virtual screens instead of actual screens (search the community)

Community discussions of multiplayer games

one way:

  • make a List of your Screens; myScreenList perhaps
  • in a Button event handler use code similar to this (you will also need to provide some code to close the existing screen (except do not close Screen1) Closing the open screen is not shown in this partial example.

see this discussion Opening another screen AND closing the current one to understand the pit falls of doing this.

Perhaps someone who uses multiple screens (I do not ... I use
Building Apps with Many Screens) will provide a better 'solution'. :slight_smile:


tsym . but i still dont know it will be multiplayer with other ppl

Here is one app that is multi player using a CloudDB: Mountain Kingdom - a chat real time two player, two device game using the CloudDB and a Canvas

One using Bluetooth:

One using FirebaseDB:

You have a particular game in mind?

i still i dont know how i want full code i made game in it 2 buttons solo and multiplayer when u clicked multiplayer it will choose random game to play it with other ppl but idk how to let it multiplayer so i can play with other ppl

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