Multilingual app based on phone language

I want to make applications with other languages, but I can't figure out where to start.
The idea is not new. The application opens and displays the language that is set on the phone by default.

How can this be implemented?

Similar approach to Gordon's but I have the language files on my website for download. This is because native speakers of any given language may suggest a correction, in which case only the language file needs to be modified, not the App.

Thanks for the answer. I found this solution before. I was interested in setting the language = device language. that is, if the application is downloaded by a Spaniard, so that the application starts in Spanish for him, for a Frenchman in French, and so on. Make without language selection

The App verifies the locale of the phone and automatically selects the language.

Right, you will need the Taifun Tools extension:


Thank you. I will try

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