MultiCam smartphone question

Some time ago I made an app that uses the Taifun Camera extension and everything works well.
Now much smartphones have many cameras that I know are identified by an ID . Unable to test, I wonder if this app can also work on these smartphones and, if so, by not providing any ID, I wonder which camera would be used

all cameras are identified by an id...
to find out, if the extension works together with your device, just use the test project

from chapter "Test the functionality of the Camera extension"

Follow the opt-in URL for the camera test app and the opt-in URL for the timelapse test app to get access to the apps and to be able to download them to your device.


Trying to push the limits! Snippets, Tutorials and Extensions from Pura Vida Apps by Taifun.

Ok but not having the ability to test on different devices, the meaning of my question was:

  1. addressed to Taifun if he had news about the possibility of its extension working on devices with different cameras and what happens in case of failure to select the ID
  2. addressed to the community if someone had already tried this extension on devices with different cameras and what he had deduced from it …

I never heard of a failure like that
you always will be able to choose the front or back camera and if there are more than these cameras you might not be able to use these additional cameras
it has been reported, that the extension does not work on Android 10 devices...
further notes see chapter Notes here App Inventor Extensions: Camera | Pura Vida Apps


Ok. This is enough for me.
Thank you very much