Multi text box data to create single data list

Hi please help me anyone. I am create a apps for my shopping list with Item, quantity and price, 3 different text box put the data then when I click Add button then 3 text box data create a single list.
Its possible or not?

I can do this for single text box for single list.

I have need Something like this. multiple text box to single list.

Yes, just use the mutator button in the add items to list block to add two more sockets, then insert the two other text boxes

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This looks like a good app for the new Spreadsheet component.

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I do not believe it is possible to create three rows in one list, but I've done something similar before using three listView elements side-by-side.

When the user presses "Add", append the item textbox to the first list, the quantity text box to the second list, and price textbox to the third. Save all three lists to different tags in the TinyDB.

When the user presses "clear all", clear all three lists and their corresponding tags in the DB.

When user clicks any list's element, do something like this:

You could always use either the Tableview or Tableviewer extensions, or create a dynamic list using a webviewer (html/css/js)

Here is a sample using TinyDB NameSpaces...