"Multi-Site" or "Multi-Session" app


Some time ago, I have made a simple app that sends preconfigured SMS to a GSM alarm system.

In a few words about what the app does, one can store some information like phone number to call, a password and some codes that would be sent in an SMS. In other words, it does compose an SMS and send it. Very basic.

The friend for who I made the app has installed another GSM transmitter and he would like to use the same app on the same mobile phone to control it like the first one

Up to now, I didn't find the way to make my app "multi-site" able like:
Site1_Phone#, Site1_Name,Site1_Code,...
Site2_Phone#, Site2_Name,Site2_Code,...

Since I don't see how I could do it in a very short time period, I was about thinking to simply installing and launching the same app various times.

Even if this sounds very "amateur", this could at least be an immediate solution. But if this is possible, how can I make the app have different names or different icons?