Multi-line textbox information?

I am trying to encypt and then decrypt information from a multi line textbox, however, it seems to though up errors.

The encryption and decryption works fine with everything else, but when I try to encrypt the information in a multi line text box it through up a length error.

I am assuming the problem is that the enter / new line information that is put in the text, isn't part of the encryption key so that's causing the error.

So is there any information about what is being stored by the multi line text box when you have multiple lines that is different than a one line textbox? Or is there another problem that might be causing this error ?

Quite possibly. There are hidden line returns (if added) in a multiline textbox. These can be manipulated using the text replacement block (I replaced \n with a space " ".



If you want to retain the line returns for when the data is decrypted, then you will need to use a little used character (e.g. |) and replace it with \n

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Thank you that seems like a good work around, will give it a try.

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