Multi-line text not seen as Multi-line in designer

The designer does not reflect a new line when \n is written in the text property of a component. This only affects the designer, the companion app works as expected.
Button, TextBox, ListPicker, CheckBox are the ones that do not convert \n to a new line in designer, these are just the ones I've tried, there could be more.
I've noted that the label component does show a new line when \n is written. I think it should be like that for other components (which involve text) too.

Should I create a GitHub issue on this?
Screenshot from 2021-03-09 00-11-42

It's possible that you could build off of this issue:

It only covered labels (and a fix was implemented), so a note indicating that buttons, etc. also break should be sufficient.

Thank you @ewpatton, I've commented on the issue.

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