Mr. Resetti's Mole Tap Help

Reply here if you have any questions or comments on my app Mr. Resetti's Mole Tap.

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If you don't mind
May I know what is Mr. Resetti's Mole Tap ?

This doesn't seem to be a topic about Opensource Development. I am moving this topic to a appropriate category.

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I have a question equivalent to that of @SRIKAR_B.S.S. What is Mole Tap?
Did you mean Mole Mash?

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It is an app I made on the app developer that I was having issues with that I created this so if anyone found any problems in the programming I could fix it.

Why dont you show your project? Screenshots, blocks, etc.

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And what issues did you have? You forgot to post a screenshot on how the app looks.

I was having issues with network connections. The Companion would disconnect and say there was a network connection error. It was working before, but it started up a few days ago. I pretty much got it fixed, but I created this in case anyone found any errors in the programming so I could go in and fix it.

To see how it is supposed to look, it would probably easiest if you open it in the app developer

Mr. Resetti's Mole Tap is basically Mole Mash but with different game modes like, an easy to impossible mode, speed change, etc.

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Nice, I'd love to see it in action!

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Thanks, I already posted the link above.

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