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He! I did this app, it is a presentation of mp3 Bible passages,it is free and whith no advertisements, it is able to present mp3 files either in ascending order and in random manner. At the moment the two modality work well but can work at the same time. Would someone be so kind to correct bloks in order to add a new working, that is to set the app so that if I choose random manner it is no possible to start also in the same time the ascending order, and also if I choose ascending order it is no possible to run also random manner? Thank you very much.
BraniDalLibroDellApocalisse7.aia (1.4 MB)

Hello Maurizio

You simply need to add a Global Variable whose value would be checked by both button click events. For example, a var called 'Running' initially set to 'False'. Whichever button is clicked, checks to see if this var is False - if it is, var is then set to 'True' and the button's method of presenting the mp3 files is triggered. If the var is already 'True', the button event does nothing.

thank you, I have uploaded the aia file, I am not skill to do what you suggest me, will you be so kind to correct it, please?

I think you can try to do it yourself first, the code you have already written is probably more complex than a simple Boolean variable.

I solved the problem, I send you the aia file to show you the manner if you are interested to see.
Thank you very very very much.
MaurizioBraniDalLibroDellApocalisse2Modi.aia (1.4 MB)

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