MP3 File not playing

Hi, I'm trying to play music using a downloaded mp3 file. I was working on replicating HelloPurr. I tried testing it from my phone, and I got an error 702. I tried playing it from the emulator but nothing happens.
Screenshot 2021-09-20 145921

Can anyone please help me?

From my knowledge, the player component reports a 702 when play/stop is invoked, while using an incorrect filename source.

Try renaming the audio file to moosoundeffect.mp3. That should do the trick.


I tried that, that didn't work. Thank you for the advice though.

Hi, can you upload the mp3 so we can test it?

Try this aia...

testPlayerMp3.aia (85.6 KB)

I think you have a choice; play the mp3 or vibrate. I do not think you can do both.playerVibrate

Of course you can (but why?).

and I got an error 702

Try to play it using Companion or build the APK.

@a_boi you cannot use vibrate with the emulator because the emulator does not have the vibrate hardware . Calling vibrate may inhibit playing of the mp3.

I tried it without the vibrate and still get the same error on the companion app

Have you tried TimAI2's Test Player?

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