Moving sprites vertically

A student wants to make a "pong"-like game. We are having problems getting the "walls" to show up in the correct place on 2 different tablets even though I have selected tablet on the design screen and defined what I thought would be the correct x-coordinate. The "endwall" doesnt show up on the far right of the canvas on different tablets even if both tablets are being used in portrait orientation. To solve this problem, I will have the student get rid of the wall and just have it bounce off the edge.

The MAIN problem is to get a 2nd, smaller, wall to move vertically when "flung" or moved. Instead it spins. Any suggestions?
PING_copy_copy_copy.aia (3.7 KB)

Perhaps un-check Rotates ?

If you haven't read Creating Animated Apps yet, do so now. The tutorial is filled with ideas.

Also see Pong. Unfortunately it is a classic AI tutorial, however the principles apply. :astonished: Oh, here is the AI2 version

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Thanks for your help. I am switching from PLTW's (project lead the way) app creators curriculum to the MIT App Inventors CTCT Curriculum and obviously overlooked something very easy.

Thanks for the Creating Animated Apps suggestion, I will take a look