Moving componets without losing block references

I have a pretty complex UI in an app.
I am trying to rearrange a few buttons/text inputs into different arrangements to make things look/work better.

How can I rearrange the components without losing the references that they have.
For example if I have a text input called "txt_address" and I want to move it from "vert_arrange1" to "vert_arrange2".
If i cut and paste in the component menu any refences to "txt_address" will be removed from blocks.

Is there a safe way to do this move?
I am trying to reorganise a lot of interfaces. Reordering and moving items.

Just drag the txt_address component from vert_arrange1 to vert_arrange2.

Before you experiment, make a copy of your Project and experiment on the copy. You might also save an aia (just in case).

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Ah, i was trying to move them in the component window, not the Viewer.
Thanks a lot Steve. :slight_smile:

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